Why I support open carry states over other options

For some it is hard to understand my position supporting open carry states. Most people go about their lives unaffected by the dangers seen everyday on the evening news. But what happens when you are the one who is faced with the reality that there are dangerous people in the world and you aren’t prepared to deal with it?

Unfortunately, that was the situation for, Sebastian Aguilar, a 36 year old man from Guttenburg, NJ. He was beaten to death by a group of about 8 teenagers. No guns, no knives, just their hands and feet were used to murder this man. The best chance he would have had to survive was to be visibly wearing a ready firearm. Merely having a gun tucked away would have been futile as he would not be able reach the weapon before being overwhelmed. However, the very sight of the firearm on his hip may have served as a deterent to the group of teens, but if not he would have had a much better chance of defending himself by having access to his weapon.

In Los Angeles, 54 year old Pedro Reyes was preparing to start his day at work as a street vendor. He was with two other men when suddenly two vehicles pulled up and men inside demanded money. Reyes threw his money and tried to run, but was caught and beaten by six men who currently remain unidentified and at large. He had facial surgery, his jaw was wired shut and he will be unable to work for some time. Thankfully, Mr. Reyes survived and an outpouring of love and donations will help him recover. But, what if any or all of the three victims were openly carrying loaded weapons? More than likely the assailants wouldn’t have been so bold or the victims could have defended themselves appropriately.

These group attacks are becoming common all over the country. Victims in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco being beaten or stabbed by multiple assailants just in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes the perpetrators are caught and sometimes they go unidentified. If we were allowed to be armed and ready would these things be as common? I am convinced they wouldn’t in open carry states.

Any laws that require guns to be locked away, bullets to be separate from the weapon, or handguns to be concealed just put good people at more risk. What purpose does a sidearm serve if it is not loaded and ready to go if needed? Gun regulations are typically tightened as an emotional or political reaction to crimes. But, good people abide by these regulations and criminals continue to ignore them or use them for crimes of opportunity.  We cannot continue to allow politicians to make us sitting ducks for criminals and their ill intent.

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